Systems for Project Management

Systems for Project Management
Businesses and projects can sometimes be hard to manage–especially in the day and time we are living in now. Many people are working remotely, at least some of the time, and that can make it hard to keep everything managed and organized. Well, there is a solution to that. There are many project management tools out there that can help you stay organized, up to date, and in touch with everyone you work with, even from a distance.
There are many tools out there, but we are just going to focus on a few today. The first tool featured is ClickUp. ClickUp boasts itself as the “app that replaces all apps”. ClickUp is a cloud based tool that focuses on communication and being able to collaborate no matter where you are. In ClickUp, you are able to add a team and assign them things to do. If you like ways to stay organized, ClickUp offers what is comparable to color coding, so you can see what is assigned to which person quickly by looking at the cover. You can also use ClickUp to communicate and share work. This is much better and more reliable than an outside source because you don’t have to share it or update your permissions, it is automatically there and saved for your team to see. In the assignment process, ClickUp allows you to color code your progress with things like idea, ready, needs approval, and complete. ClickUp allows you to have conversations with the people you are working with in a particular project which gives you instant feedback. ClickUp is both web based and there is an app for convenience.
Another great tool that businesses use to stay organized and able to communicate is Trello. Trello is like a whiteboard for your team. Most people, in the work setting, would have some kind of big board that either had a lot of writing or a lot of pictures and sticky notes on it. Think of Trello like this! Trello is basically a virtual version of that. It allows people to make boards, like those sticky notes, about what projects are going on, who is working on them, what needs to be done, and more. Trello is a great tool for staying organized and up to date with everything that is going on in your business. Like ClickUp, Trello offers color coded options and allows you to assign certain tasks and activities to your team members and see their progress in real time. On a side note, a cool feature about Trello is you can customize it to look how you like.
Systems for Project Management
Lastly, a couple more tools that businesses use are Asana and Monday. Asana is a tool used for collaboration and it allows file creation and sharing with things like Google and Dropbox. Asana allows you to track who is doing what and when and it allows you to communicate with your team via Slack and Gmail. Monday allows people to be connected with confidence. They create visuals in the form of graphs and charts and they make boards to organize your workflow. They have a central location for all communication for convenience. They also boast integrations and a dashboard that makes working, organizing, and planning a breeze.
Systems are important and when you are running your business and projects, you want them to be organized and planned. You want to be able to communicate with your team no matter where they are and you want to be able to see real time results and updates. Using the tools, like the ones above and more, you will be able to save time in the backend of your business that will in turn help your business grow to new heights.

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